1908, 2019

Tips about customize display rack from China

Tips about customize display rack from china As we all know, Custom display rack will help to build the brand, the appealing display will be eye-catching, increase the sales volume. Most of the brands will like to have their display rack customize in domestic, as there is a lot of communication needed. But it also means they have to pay a lot of extra money to get these done domestically than buy from China. You might say: I know it will be much cheaper if I can get this done in China, but I don’t want too much trouble. [...]

503, 2018

What type of wood display will suit your products ?

what type of wood display suit for your products ? Lots of clients like to use wood material for their display rack, but many of our customers don’t understand what material choices are available under the “wood” category. Today we would like to talk about the 3 of the most popular wood materials we use in making  displays . There are many different species of wood, many types of wood composite materials, and lots of grades, stains and finishes. We are going to keep things simple by focusing on 3 basic types of wood materials: MDF, bamboo, and solid [...]

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